Old Bogor Photography

old Bogor Botanical Garden 

Bogor is a city full of high historical value, starting from the Dutch colonial period, Japan. many relics in the Dutch seat of government. starting from Bogor Palace, City Hall Office, bogor train station, museum zoology, bridges and still a lot of red. The most famous is the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which until now has been named a lung region of the world. with the number of people who say quite solid, bogor has become very advanced in the industrial sector. gradually began to forget the history of Bogor, historic sites has been nearly untouched again, if you want to visit the town of Bogor, it could not hurt to visit historic sites in Bogor. I just wanted to share old photographs of the historical town of Bogor, or practically bogor long. many people still do not know about the history of Bogor city itself. given your response,
 Old Bogor Palace

here you can see the old photo Bogor palace, a lot of which has been refurbished. begin from the castle which is right in front yard, first as a bastion of Dutch Colonial.

bogor station this photo taken in 1890
bogor station was formerly used as a means of transportation

 This is a photo of the Fountain Monument, in Jl. Sudirman

rupiah currency used, is used as legal tender

bogor city is a symbol used in the colonial period

Bogor Batutulis photo ancient site

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